Suffering from acne scars? You could be among thousands of such young people who are battling this problem. College going students and young professionals, especially working in media and advertising industry face constant embarrassment if they are suffering from the same.

However, with rapid progress in medical science, getting rid of such blemishes is not a tough task. A combination of home treatments and medical consultation can be tried to get rid of this problem and lead a more confident life.

Home Treatments

Numerous home based treatments can be tried for curing the problem. Use of egg white is one such treatment which can be tried. You will need three eggs for preparing a paste which can be applied on the affected skin. All you need to do is whip three eggs till the time they become fluffy. You can thereafter apply the white portion of these on the affected area. Leave the paste on the affected region and wash it off with lukewarm water after a few minutes.

Lemon is another good remedy used for treating acne scars. Cotton swab dipped in lime juice can be applied on the affected region. When tried on a regular basis, this treatment will help you get rid of unsightly marks.

Medical Treatment

You can consult a skin specialist for getting rid of this problem if it persists for long. Going for a medical help is the best thing one can do. A doctor’s knowledge along with usage of latest technology will ensure not only right treatment in a stipulated time period, but also, you will have all the guidance as to how to maintain your “beauty” looks in the future. Laser therapy is a breakthrough and within a short period of time you can get rid of acne scar problem. This is a permanent way of getting rid of the marks and the biggest advantage of this therapy is that the same is non invasive!

How Does Laser Treatment Work

Short pulses of micro fine laser light are used to reach the affected cells in this treatment therapy. This therapy can be tried by those who have skin tone varying from very light to very dark.

Another advantage of laser therapy is that the same can be performed in a time span varying between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending upon the area to be treated. The therapy requires three to seven sittings and you can attain a youthful glowing skin.

Side Effects of Laser Treatment

Though laser therapy is a permanent way of getting rid of acne scar marks, the treatment does have some temporary side effects. Redness and swelling might occur in the affected region which will heal soon enough. Bruising and blemishing might also occur in few cases and the same will heal with time.