Acne is not a problem common to young people alone; it can affect people from ages of 10 through 40. Women in particular develop acne in their mid-to-late 20’s even if they have not had the breakout in years or before. Acne occur wherever there are many oil glands, mainly on the face, chest and back, The cause of acne can’t be attributed to any particular factor. Acne occurs when oil glands becomes very active in adolescent, stimulated by the hormones from the adrenal glands of young people. The oil in our body lubricates and protects the skin, but when the cells that are close to the surface block the openings of the sebaceous glands and causes a buildup of oil underneath.

The oil buildup stimulates bacteria that leave on our skin’s that eventually multiply making the surrounding tissues to become inflamed.

How to Reduce the Outbreak of Acne

Getting rid of your acne is a good idea, nobody loves to have them, when your face is covered with pimples, you feel horrible looking in the mirror and your confidence also drops. Getting rid of acne is a good thing. So how can acne be prevented and are there any guarantees that they won’t appear again.

It is impossible to say that you won’t have a breakout again, no matter what you do to prevent acne there are no guarantees, our bodies is imperfect, therefore trying to make them look extremely clean will only lead to frustration. If you have pimples over your face, does not mean the end of the world.

If you following this simple skin care guide, in taking care of yourself, you are likely to be more successful. When cleaning your skin, be gentle, many people make the mistake of scrubbing their face very hard and using products that are too harsh, if you try to eradicate your acne forcefully, it will only complicate the problem and lead to the breakout of more acne, because your face will overcompensate and produce more oil resulting in more pimples. Your skin will look dry, irritated and flaky.

It is advisable to use a cleanser that is mild and appropriate for sensitive skin, also be gentle when using the cleanser on your skin. Oily skin should be applied with toner that are gentle than astringent which are mostly alcoholic, using the right toner will bring back the balance in the skin. If you don’t have actual pimples, then avoid using acne products. Acne products are meant to address the dirt, oil and bacteria that form acne, if you don’t have acne, there is no need of applying these products on your face, since they will not stop pimples from forming on your face.

If you are trying to prevent acne, a good diet and regular physical activities is vital. The skin needs to be nourished and it gets this nourishment from what we eat and drink. Physical activities increases the blood circulation in the body and transports vital blood and oxygen to the out most layer of the skin, making it stay healthy and radiant.