An herb is a plant or plant part used for its scent, flavor, or therapeutic properties. Save time and money by stocking your backyard or windowsill gardens with some basic medicinal herbs. Here are some herbs for your reference:

1 Nettle

Nettles are a tonic herb that is easily found in disturbed areas, such as abandoned farmsteads and country roads. They are easy to grow, full of micro nutrients and add a healthy punch to many dishes. Nettles grow in temperate climates, preferring shady regions with moist soil. The nettle is well known for its toothed, hairy leaves and for its sting. Rich in vitamins and minerals, nettle nourishes the reproductive system, making nettle a great tonic for many concerns. Fresh nettle can be steamed and eaten as a vegetable, similar to spinach, or put into soups. Dried nettle leaves can also be made into a tea. The tea is used in treating diseases of the liver and gall bladder, helps with sleep disorders, cancer in the spleen, stomach cramps, ulcers and diseases of the lungs. Nettle is very useful medicinal herbs.

Nettle is particularly effective as a diuretic, so it helps prevent most types of kidney stones as well as urinary tract infections. In addition, it can help with anemia. On the other hand, washing the scalp with nettle (leaves or roots) infusion helps regenerate, grow and thicken the hair.

2 Myrrh

Myrrh is one of the best known of ancient spices. It is known for its aromatic properties and stimulating effect. Ayurvedic medicine uses myrrh in almost all of its potions because of its medicinal properties. Myrrh is effective against bad breath because it’s toxic to the bad-breath-causing harmful organisms that lurk and grow in your mouth. Myrrh is also used to treat bronchitis, colds, coughs and digestive problems and to stimulate the immune system. Since myrrh is an astringent is can help to contract the muscles, intestines and other internal organs, and can help to strengthen your gums.

Myrrh is used as a fragrance in cosmetics and as a flavoring agent in foods and beverages. The benefits of myrrh are important to people with skin disease and external wounds. Myrrh oil has a warm, slightly musty smell and is pale yellow to amber in color. Myrrh has many benefits for the skin and has demonstrated immune modulation effects and accelerated wound healing without scar formation. Myrrh also can be used to purify, protect and also for hex breaking.

3 Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, also known as the ‘plant of immortality’, has been used for a variety of purposes since ancient times. It has natural healing and detoxifying powers and works

gently with the digestive tract to help break down impacted food. In addition, aloe vera can improve bowel regularity without causing diarrhea. This incredible plant is great for people who suffer from constipation problems. Plus, you also can make feet baby soft with an exfoliating foot mask by mixing together a half cup of oatmeal, a half cup of corn meal, four tbsp. of aloe vera gel and a half cup of unscented body lotion. In addition, drinking aloe vera juice regularly eases swollen and painful joints and reduces the stiffness of bones. In addition to mention in above, aloe vera also is used as a good natural product for skin care. Many people would like to have a mask of vera juice. Also, aloe vera can be added to many cosmetics.

4 Peppermint

Soothing but invigorating, peppermint is just one of many varieties of the well-known mint family. In daily life, if you have ever experienced any of the following–stomach aches, stomach pains, stomach cramps or diarrhea–you should have tried to soothe your stomach with peppermint herb tea. The tea can lead to benefits to your stomach. Peppermint has been found to ease symptoms associated with indigestion in many cases as well. In addition, the peppermint oil also is very popular in these days. Peppermint oil is also used for relief from headaches, and so on. In addition, peppermint tea is a golden and smooth tasting, with a distinct clean and crisp flavour to it. Many people would like to drink it.

In daily life, there are countless herbs with medicinal properties. These medicinal herbs are very effective. They are very popular in our life.