Kettlebell Tempo Training

Every time you perform a set of reps, you’re following a certain tempo. If asked what tempo their reps are performed at, most people will shrug or raise an eyebrow, since many people don’t consider tempo when training. It’s common for the average gym-goer to follow a typical 1010 tempo, meaning that they spend the […]

Getting Rid of Acne Scars!

Suffering from acne scars? You could be among thousands of such young people who are battling this problem. College going students and young professionals, especially working in media and advertising industry face constant embarrassment if they are suffering from the same. However, with rapid progress in medical science, getting rid of such blemishes is not […]

5 Ways Bad Posture Leads To Back Pain

Have you ever wondered why after a long work day one may feel pain in the back or when after seating for long or even lying on a couch you may tend to feel some pain? The reason to this is mainly as a result of back pain due to changes in posture. Posture has […]