Kettlebell Tempo Training

Every time you perform a set of reps, you’re following a certain tempo. If asked what tempo their reps are performed at, most people will shrug or raise an eyebrow, since many people don’t consider tempo when training. It’s common for the average gym-goer to follow a typical 1010 tempo, meaning that they spend the […]

Remember to Have Fun

Riding along the flooded Grand River the other day was more fun than expected! When the water is in areas that are normally dry, it brings the wildlife closer for viewing, and I ended up seeing some animals that I normally wouldn’t, I wish I would have strapped on my good camera like fellow photographer […]

What Rep Range Is Best For Me?

With so much information out there, it can be difficult to determine how many reps you should be doing in your workouts. Like many other topics I have discussed, this one has a similar broad answer, it depends on what you want to accomplish. Below I have broken down the most common goals with rep […]

A Century

As many of you know that know me, I have struggled with 100 mile rides, my first two 100 mile rides being last year in 2017. My first attempt was in February of 2017, I started off with a little bit of a stomach ache, and was way overdressed and overheated quickly. I found that […]