What Is a Certified Nursing Aid (CNA)?

A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant or a Certified Nurses Aid. These terms have the same meaning, it just depends on to who you are talking to. A CNA works as part of a group of healthcare professionals, that may include doctors and nurses. They perform jobs that assist healthcare doctors in looking after […]

Are Wheelchairs in Hospitals an Outdated Approach to Patient Care?

It has become an increasingly common sight in hospitals to see patients wheeled between various wards, units, treatments rooms and departments. It is standard procedure within hospitals that when a patient needs to be transported, it is done via a wheelchair, even when patients are perfectly capable of walking themselves. There are many good and […]

Geriatric Suicide

Some of the suicidal stats out recently seem to want to point that suicide for the group of elderly over the age of 85 y.o. is the highest percentage of suicide in the U.S. Is that long term in firmed person choosing to lay down and refusing treatment and nourishment doing it because they want […]

5 Tips For Purchasing The Right Pair Of Nursing Shoes

A nurse’s feet are one of the most important assets for her. Due to long working hours in which most of the time they’re either walking on hard surfaces or standing with patients and doctors, proper footwear becomes not only helpful but essential for them. Without a proper pair of nursing shoes they may not […]

Choosing the Right Nursing Facility For Your Loved One

Many adult children of senior parents today face a difficult dilemma. Better nutrition and various medical advances have led to people living longer than ever before, but in many cases, it’s not advisable for senior citizens to live on their own. Seniors that suffer from dementia or have a medical condition that requires close monitoring, […]

Independent Living, Much Easier Said Than Done

It is difficult for me to understand people who say they want to live independently yet, are not willing to use the tools available to ensure an independent lifestyle. For example, refusing to use a walker, cane or electric cart because they don’t like the “way it looks.” They report to me they don’t want […]

Nursing Home Care Versus Home Care

If you’re in the market for long term care for an elderly or disabled adult who needs medical monitoring and assistance with personal care, hygiene, and other daily living activities, the odds are that you’re considering both nursing home care and at-home care. These two options are the most poplar solutions when a loved one’s […]