Gynecomastia is a medical health condition, usually caused by an imbalance between the sex hormones; testosterone and oestrogen. All men produce some oestrogen, which causes the breasts to grow, however, they usually have higher levels of testosterone, which stops the oestrogen from causing breast tissue to grow. Gynecomastia occurs when men have either an abnormally low-level of testosterone in their body, or too much oestrogen.

However hormone imbalance isn’t the only culprit. Obesity, taking steroids, congenital abnormalities and rising levels of hormones during puberty can also enlarge the male chest area. Man boobs don’t affect a man’s health, and are therefore treated as a superficial condition, but that’s not to say that the men who have them don’t suffer psychological effects.

A number of choices are available to try to lose man boobs:

Exercise – It’s possible that mild cases of gynecomastia might be helped by certain exercises and workouts that are specifically devised to help tighten the muscles in the chest.

Diet – Stay away from processed, packaged and deep-fried foods as they are all high in saturated fat. There is a high estrogen content in packaged food, which can encourage the swelling of the breasts. Cut out sugar and starchy foods and stick to lean meats and foods rich in protein. If you are heavy all over, not just the man boobs, then a low-fat, healthy diet is necessary.

Vaser Lipo – We do this procedure under local anaesthetic, using advanced ultrasound technology. We insert small thin probes under the skin and emulsify the fat which is then suctioned out. The innovative technology respects the veins, nerves, blood vessels and surrounding tissue, so leaving them relatively intact. The technique allows the doctor to work with such precision that we can shape even delicate areas, such as the chin and knees.

Using local anaesthetic is safer, simpler and quicker for the client. After the treatment, clients can return home and within a few days they can get back to their day-to-day activities.

Post op care is really important, as it will make sure that the results you get with the vaser lipo procedure continue to stay with afterwards. It’s very important to make sure the treated area is kept smooth, with ultrasound and massages. You should follow your after care plan strictly, as you won’t get the best results if you take any shortcuts.

Vaser lipo on the man boobs is one of the most sought after procedures. It’s amazing to see the amount of confidence gained by men, after having their breasts reduced. More men are turning to cosmetic procedures because they want to look good and feel better about themselves. If vaser lipo can allow men to have more self-esteem, and give them more confidence, then why not?