Women and men are in a run to attract the opposite sex in any possible way. Sometimes they make various alterations in their body structure to serve the purpose and opt for a plastic surgery without knowing the fact if it is covered or not under their health insurance. After spending a huge amount they usually contact their insurance provider to get the claim and are left disappointed at the end of the task.

There is no doubt that insurance companies pay for the treatment depending on the different terms and conditions of the health insurance plan you have opted for. Now, the question arises, does the insurance providers provides coverage to the plastic surgery? Well, before answering this question you should know that there are two types of Plastic surgeries- Constructive and Cosmetic.

  • Constructive Surgery: This surgery is performed to resume the proper functioning of the body and improves quality of life.
  • Cosmetic Surgery: This surgery is usually performed to enhance one’s appearance. Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Eyelid surgery are some of the examples of Cosmetic surgery.

Here is the answer to the above question, The coverage for the plastic surgery is provided only if it is constructive. The insurance providers work on different platforms before providing the coverage. They usually look into the factor if it is cosmetic or reconstructive. Additionally, is it essential for the normal body functioning? Will it enhance the quality of life of the person? The guidelines, terms, and conditions of all the insurance companies for providing the coverage usually varies.

The insurance companies take medical procedures into consideration to check if it is covered under health insurance benefits. Moreover, they perform a long-term evaluation, an extensive evaluation followed by doctor monitored programs to check for the non-surgical methods to solve the problem.

Plastic surgeries that are performed after a car accident, major accidents or situation like having defects of birth that did not allow the normal functioning of the body are covered under the health insurance only if it resumes the quality of life and body functioning. Before providing the coverage, the insurance companies may also require a statement from a well-qualified doctor who confirms that all the non-surgical solutions have been exhausted before the procedure and it is the only option left that can help live properly.

So, I conclude with the fact that since every insurance company has its own coverage, they can restrict and exclude them at any point. Before opting for any of the procedures you should always contact your insurance provider to get all the required information to make the plan. Otherwise, having a little knowledge about the subject could be dangerous that can leave you to incur unexpected costs.