Looking to take your workouts to the next level? If so, you need to try kettlebell training. This hot new form of training can be even more intense than regular dumbbell or barbell work and is a lot of fun as well. More and more people are falling in love with it.

Three exercises stand above the rest. Let us look at what these are and why you should do them…

1. The Kettlebell Swing. The kettlebell swing is a full body movement that will work…

  • your lower body,
  • your upper body, as well as
  • your back.

It is excellent for building total body strength and power. Be sure you are pulling up through your core and legs, not just your back to avoid injury.

Most people will be best suited to lifting the kettlebell up to about parallel, while others may choose to lift a little higher. Just do not go too high or you may place your shoulders under strain.

2. The Turkish Get-Up. Next, you have the Turkish Get-up. This exercise is an excellent one for not only boosting strength but for burning calories too. It is another total body movement, so is an attractive option for those who are looking to lose weight.

You will need to get down on the floor and then place the kettlebell directly above you. From there, you do the “get-up” keeping your core tight and press up through your legs. Your upper body will be working the entire time to help stabilize your weight, therefore bringing you excellent strength benefits.

3. The Kettlebell Squat And Press. Finally, you have the kettlebell squat and press. Just like the other two workouts, this one works multiple muscle groups at once, which is excellent news for anyone hoping to gain full overall strength and power.

This workout will also test your balance ability so will indirectly work your core to a significant degree as well. When doing this routine, it is essential to keep your abs tight, or the kettlebell may cause excess strain on your lower back, leading to back injury.

Be sure to do an equal number of sets holding the kettlebell in each hand. There you have the three best exercises to consider when using a kettlebell. Do these, and you will see excellent results with your overall fitness progress. Also, keep in mind this list is not all-inclusive, and there are many other kettlebell exercises you can do. Experiment and find out which ones are best for you.