If you want to take free CNA classes, then you most likely already know that a CNA is a Certified Nursing Aid. And you probably also know that to start working as a CNA, you will need to take CNA training in order to qualify for the certification exam.

Once you complete your courses, you take a test, pass it, and get started on working as a CNA. The whole process can take 30 to 170 days, depending on the program you choose.

Throughout the nation, Certified Nursing Assistant classes are provided in universities, vocational schools, community colleges and on the web. These classes can cost anywhere from $300 to $2500. With these costs, it is tempting to search for CNA training programs that are free, especially free online classes.

If you’re looking to go through your CNA training for free, you have to know your options.

Taking Free Online CNA Classes

Sad to say, there are no free CNA courses on the web.

A CNA course must be accredited with the state where you plan to find a job. Pretty much all “free CNA training programs” online are not recognized. Taking these training programs won’t allow you to meet the criteria to take the CNA certification assessment.

Many online sites that claim to give “free CNA courses” are usually not presenting genuine, accredited CNA training programs. These courses do not qualify you for your CNA certification examination. They don’t provide in-person lab training nor do they provide in-person, observed clinical training – two key requirements for your CNA qualifications

Free CNA Courses Offline

There are, however, practical options for free CNA training programs that are conducted off-line, in a classroom. There’s actually two kinds of institutions that will offer you free CNA training programs: hospitals and unemployment centers.


Hospitals can offer free CNA training programs in exchange for your commitment to take a job with them after the training program is completed. This may be a wonderful choice if you have a limited income, since it also guarantees that you will have employment when you earn your certification.

But if you complete the CNA training course and realize that a CNA job just isn’t for you, you might be stuck doing a job that you don’t like. If you break your agreement with the hospital, you might have to deal with penalty charges, or pay back the entire cost of the training program.

Therefore, this is only a good option if you’re certain that you want to become a CNA. To learn if this is possible for you, reach out to the hospitals where you live and ask about free training opportunities.

Unemployment Centers

Certain unemployment offices provide free CNA training to unemployed men and women who cannot pay for training. These unemployment centers receive funding to provide CNA courses to help you find work.

Since working as a CNA is an entry level job that can springboard a long and thriving nursing career, it’s easy to understand why unemployment agencies will pay for your courses. This is especially true if local employers are looking for CNAs.

If you are unemployed, you can contact your nearby unemployment agency. These free training opportunities can help you save hundreds of dollars in training fees.

Getting Started Now

There are lots of choices, both offline and on-line, if you want to enroll in CNA training classes. Even if it’s not possible to enroll in totally free CNA training programs in your area, you can always pay for your lessons.

Having to pay for classes may seem like a big expense, particularly if you happen to be unemployed. But if there aren’t any free courses available at a nearby hospital or unemployment office, then you could think of the money spent as an investment in your future.

Once you’re certified, a CNA could make $24,000 to $30,000 each year, so the money spent on your certification classes will pay for itself.