Hormone Replacement Therapy for men is a viable option for aging men, provided they have a specific cause for low testosterone. However, it is not for everyone. Before considering HRT, it is important to talk with your primary care physician to learn more about the treatment and how it can benefit your health.

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Natural hormone replacement therapy

Natural hormone replacement therapy for men is a proven treatment method that can restore the correct balance of hormones in the body. This type of treatment uses naturally occurring plant-derived hormones. These hormones are not patented, so manufacturers have no financial incentive to market them. Consequently, they have been prescribed by physicians for years. Furthermore, these hormones are custom-compounded to meet a patient’s specific needs.

Another popular form of natural hormone replacement therapy is hormone pellets. These pellets are inserted under the skin and provide consistent, slow-release hormones. As natural hormone therapy continues to gain popularity, more providers and patients are opting for it. Before undergoing this treatment, it is important to consult a doctor to make sure that it is appropriate for you.

Testosterone replacement therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy is an important treatment option for men who suffer from low levels of this hormone. Low testosterone levels can lead to a variety of health problems, such as depression and sleep disturbance. Testosterone therapy can help to alleviate symptoms of low testosterone, as well as improve memory and mood. This therapy can also improve sexual performance and reduce carbohydrate cravings. It may even help men develop a stronger erection.

The effects of testosterone replacement therapy can be seen after a couple of months, or after a few years. The hormone levels often plateau between six weeks and one year into the therapy. In some cases, the therapy can even help to improve the heart. But the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy may not last for a long time, and there are some side effects.

Bioidentical hormone therapy

A health care professional can recommend bioidentical hormone therapy if you’ve noticed a drop in hormone levels. A lack of hormones can have a significant impact on your system. Hormones control various functions within your body, including appetite, metabolism, growth, stress levels, reproduction, and more. For these reasons, a health care provider may recommend bioidentical hormone therapy for men.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is a proven treatment for men’s hormone imbalance, and it is far less likely to cause side effects than synthetic hormones. It is safe to use as long as your doctor is confident that you’ll achieve your desired health outcomes. Many bodylogicMD network physicians are highly trained in hormone therapy and hormonal health, and will work with you to design a customized treatment plan.

Side effects of HRT

Hormone replacement therapy for men can have a number of side effects, though these typically go away on their own after a few weeks. The effects vary depending on the drug and the type of therapy used. While men may feel tired and weak at first, these effects usually pass within a couple of weeks. As the level of testosterone in the body is reduced, men may also experience difficulty in erection.

The use of hormone replacement therapy requires close monitoring of treatment response. Patients should meet regularly with their healthcare providers for maintenance checkups to determine the efficacy of the therapy and to decide if a change is needed.